faster lap times. better race results.

MMX motocross training. coaching.

Do you desire faster lap times? Better race results?

With MMX Motocross Training, you will not only become a more confident rider, you will improve your lap times and get better race results.











How to pick the best line selection for the fastest lap times. Body position guidance for the most bike control. Routine setting for better mental focus. Personalized bike set up for confidence and saving energy. Custom nutrition & physical conditioning weekly guidance for maximum race day energy. 


Training with Monsoon Mx, you will receive one on one instruction with me, Robb Manning. Even when there are multiple riders, I instruct each rider for your individual needs. Each session usually lasts about 4 hours depending on the day and level of ability. Instruction groups usually consist of 1-6 riders. I charge $200* per session per rider and can do package pricing or group rates if interested. Payments are due prior to event or in person before training begins.

*training fee does NOT include track fee

Local area tracks good for training:

Evergreen State Fairgrounds-Monroe, WA

I-90-Quincy, WA

Horn Rapids-Richland, WA

Washougal, WA

Riverdale-Toutle, WA


Private and Semi-private training is ALWAYS available, contact me, Coach Robb, anytime. 

Many public and private tracks available to me....please call 425.244.0131

Winter Series WHR Arena cross-Monroe, WA

  • November-January

  • Friday Practice 4pm-8pm

  • Race Day Coaching-saturday 2pm-8pm

  • Check WHR Motorsports for schedule

  • Please call ahead

  • 425.244.0131

Evergreen Motocross Park - EMXP

  • Most Tuesdays and Thursdays By Appointment Only

  • 4:00-8:00 pm

  • Please call ahead

  • 425.244.0131

  • March - October



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We are Team Monsoon Mx


Monsoon Mx's principal instructor, Robb Manning, has more than forty years of riding experience. He has more race experience than any other instructor in the NW region and is more than 'just another rider'. He is decorated and was considered the top racer at the expert level from 1979-1989 in the NW region. He became the youngest rider in the region to earn the #1 plate at age 13. In his first national event at age 16, he placed 10th at Washougal. These are just a few of his accomplishments. In his early career he attended several riding schools and clinics and is a firm believer in the value of proper instruction. He believes you never stop learning and as bike technology improves, the difficulty of track obstacles increases, making proper technique even more critical.

It is Monsoon MX's belief that the most successful instructors are those who have raced at the highest levels and can translate their experience for both riding and fitness. Few of the sports instructors have had the level of success as Robb Manning, the lead instructor of Monsoon MX. Through reputation and integrity, Mr Manning garners respect from both youth and adult riders. He especially enjoys working with younger students and believes that the sooner strong fundamentals are learned the more racing success a student can expect.

Monsoon Mx breeds confidence and enjoyment for its students and guarantees increased skills and improved race results. Faster Lap Times...Better Race Results!




Live to ride...

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Robb manning



leisa manning

Chief Organizer


Live to Ride...Ride to Live!
— Motocross Riders everywhere


Wanted to give a big thanks out to Robb Monsoon Manning for putting on an amazing 2 day MX Camp for Cayden Clements , Michael Pelan and others. I saw huge improvements in both! Best part about it the kids were stoked on what they accomplished!!!! More weekends like this and its gonna be a fun summer filled with many accomplishments!!!!!!
— Chase Clements
I must say... you are an amazing person and a great instructor. Those kids are awesome because of you.... Have a great day!
— Gloria Milbrad
Had a great time today learned alot!!! Super proud of my son Tyson Quintero, you worked your magic Robb he was like a totally different kid out there. We will have to do it again soon!
— John Quintero
What a day!! Thank you Coach Robb for all your help, patience and teaching today. The guys worked really hard and it paid off! We all had a great ride and accomplished a lot. The weather was perfect!
— Lisa Tarsi